Clergy Profile

Rev. Fr. Vasken Kouzouian

Holy Trinity Armenian Church

Fr. Vasken Kouzouian

145 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 354-0632


Rev. Fr. Vasken Kouzouian was born on April 7, 1964, in Glen Ridge, NJ. His baptismal name was Alexan Sarkis Kouzouian.

Fr. Vasken received a bachelor's degree from Boston University in 1986 and a Master of Divinity degree from St. Vladimir’s and St. Nersess Seminaries.
He was ordained on October 30, 1994, by Archbishop Khajag Barsamian at the Holy Trinity Church in Cambridge, MA.

Before being assigned to Holy Trinity Church in January 2002, Fr. Vasken had served as the director of the Diocese's Department of Youth Ministry from February 1999. Yn. Arpi Kouzouian became the director of Youth Ministry when he took on his parish duties. He also served as the pastor at St. Mark Church of Springfield, MA, from 1995 to 1999.

He and his wife, Arpi, have one daughter, Alina Ovsanna Kouzouian, who was born February 23, 2002.

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