He would become a figure of enduring spiritual stature in the Armenian Church. But he began his sojourn among our people as a stranger. This Saturday we will honor his memory once more—some 17 centuries after his death—during the Feast of St. Sarkis the Warrior.

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Hrant Dink

A reminiscence of the day Hrant Dink was shot

Dink’s been shot?

At first hearing, the news seemed like the build-up to a joke. The name itself had never failed to amuse me, no matter the context. And pictures of the man had always shown a pleasant, expressive Armenian face, slightly ironic and confidently composed—even amid the Keystone-Coppish antics of Turkey’s legal system.

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Armenian Christmas Celebrated at St. Vartan Cathedral in New York

Temperatures in New York City approached zero degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday, January 6. But inside the city’s St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral, worshippers were warmed by the celebration the Feast of the Nativity and Theophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ—informally called “Armenian Christmas.”

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