Annual Assembly

The Eastern Diocese is pleased to announce that the 116th Diocesan Assembly will convene May 3-5, 2018. The annual gathering of the Eastern Diocese will meet at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel, West Harrison, NY. The St. Gregory the Enlightener Church of White Plains, NY, will host the assembly, bringing together several hundred Armenian Church leaders from throughout the Eastern Diocese.

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Western Armenia

What does it means to be a member of the Armenian religious minority in Turkey?

That was the focus of Dr. Christopher Sheklian’s eye-opening lecture on November 7, at the Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center of the Eastern Diocese in New York before a crowd of more than seventy.

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Mary Melikian

The Eastern Diocese honored a dear friend and prominent artist on the evening of December 13. Friends and dignitaries gathered in the formal reception room (tahlij) of New York’s Diocesan Center to pay tribute to Mary Melikyan.

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King David

One of the wonderful things about the Christmas season is the way it re-introduces us to such interesting people. And it’s not limited to friends and family: some of the most memorable re-introductions come from the surrounding culture. Who can suppress a warm smile at their first yearly sighting of Santa, Rudolph, and the elves? Or at the Grinch, and the whole Peanuts gang?

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