Palm Sunday

Remembrance of the Raising of Lazarus and Palm Sunday

The first observance related to the Feast of the Resurrection is the Remembrance of the Raising of Lazarus (commemorated on the Saturday before Holy Week), which foreshadows our Lord’s own miraculous Resurrection.  It serves as an introduction to the glorious Resurrection of our Lord and not as a commemoration of Lazarus and his sisters, which is celebrated separately.

The following day, Palm Sunday, marks Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem as Messiah. Sometimes Palm Sunday is referred to as Advent, in reference to Christ’s coming as the Messiah to Jerusalem and to His Passion.  For that reason it is connected with Christ’s Second or Final Coming, and is celebrated in the Armenian Church in the evening with the special “Opening of the Doors” (Trnpatsek) ritual; a foreshadowing of the Last Judgment.

The week following Palm Sunday is known as Holy Week (Avak Shapat).

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