One Year After the Ceasefire

Today marks a very solemn milestone in the modern history of the Armenian people. It was one year ago, on November 9, 2020, that the Artsakh war ended, after 44 days of brutal conflict, initiated through an unprovoked surprise attack on our homeland.

Even a year later, the terrible realities of the war—the loss of land, the displacement of our countrymen, the ongoing tragedy of Armenian P.O.W.’s and M.I.A.’s, and worst of all, the loss of countless precious lives among our courageous soldiers and civilians—are deeply painful. Yet we remember the consoling words of our Primate, Bishop Daniel, directed to our faithful in the hours after the ceasefire:

“In this troubling time, the purposes of God are very hard to discern,” he wrote. “But surely He has not sustained us through the past centuries to see us fracture and fragment in this most critical moment. Let us live in the spirit of unity—and in that spirit, ask our Father in Heaven to reveal His will for us.”

Now, the passage of a year since the heartbreaking day is a moment to attend to those words again. Today, we ask our merciful Lord to console all of our people: in Armenia and Artsakh; in America and around the world. We pray as one people that the Lord Jesus Christ will remember, and honor, every sacrifice made in those 44 days of struggle—for every single one was made in His name. We ask our risen Lord to lead us on the difficult and uncertain path that lies ahead.

Most of all, we ask Him to bless and protect Armenia, Artsakh, and His Armenian Church and people, now and always.

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