WATCH: Finding Hope “Between Faith and Love”

During a VEMKAR Live Session on August 17, St. Nersess Seminary scholar Dr. Roberta Ervine led viewers on a journey through Scripture, Armenian liturgy, and Christian tradition. Her topic—presented under the theme of VEMKAR’s latest learning module, “Christ as Hope”—offered intriguing insights into one of the most profound Christian ideas.

It was St. Paul, in his First Letter to the Corinthians, who introduced what would later be known as the “theological virtues”: Faith, Hope, and Love. Armenians refer to this great Christian triad throughout our liturgies, with the words, Havadk, Hooys, yev Ser.

But what does it mean to have “Hope” in the central position, boxed in on either side by its sister virtues? Find out by watching Dr. Ervine’s engrossing talk, titled “Between Faith and Love.”


WATCH “Between Faith and Love,” by Dr. Roberta Ervine.

VIEW screenshots of the VEMKAR Live Session.



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