Download the Diocese’s 2020 Report to Donors

The Eastern Diocese is pleased to release its 2020 Annual Report to Donors, titled “Lifted Up by the Cross.”

You can download the full report by clicking on the link below. Printed copies have been sent to all donors and are currently arriving in mailboxes.

Along with it, we send you our deepest gratitude for the loyal, generous support you continue to show to our Diocese.

Please take the time to review its contents to learn about the work our Diocese accomplished in 2020. It was a year, certainly, that demanded increasing creativity in our Diocesan ministries, in order to advance the church’s spiritual and educational outreach to our people. Let yourself be inspired by the images of wonderful people among our parishes, bound together by their Armenian heritage and demonstrating great resolve to maintain a sense of warmhearted Christian fellowship despite the pandemic.

We are all aware that 2020 has brought a painful interruption to our glorious communal life. But throughout this trying time, it was the Cross of our Lord that lifted us up, and carried us with its intrinsic message of comfort, hope, and overcoming. It was our Lord’s Cross that gave us the spiritual strength to confront the multiple crises we faced.

As our Primate, Bishop Daniel, expresses in this year’s report: “This publication is, in the deepest sense, a record of the way the Cross of Christ inspired us, carried us, lifted us up — during a time when the world around us could only offer tribulation and negativity. And going forward, it is only the Cross that will lead us to true peace, as we begin to emerge from this time, to rediscover the joy of being together under the loving eyes of our Lord.”

Most of all, whether in 2020, 2021, or beyond, we cannot overstate the importance of your involvement in the Eastern Diocese. Through every challenge our people faced this year, you answered the call to help with great generosity, and without hesitation. That, too, shows the power of the Cross to lift us up: as a church, as a people, and as individual followers of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

You inspire us in every aspect of our work. You keep us moving forward. Thank you for that. And if it is in your heart and within your means, please consider sustaining your church by offering a gift on our secure server.

Your boundless faith and generosity are deeply appreciated.



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