WATCH: Bishop Daniel’s Easter Sermon

In his Easter Sunday sermon at St. Vartan Cathedral, Bishop Daniel reflected on the way Christ’s resurrection changed the realities of the world, and altered the perceptions of human experience.

His sermon, delivered in both English and Armenian, had an air of determination and hope in the face of adversity.

“The resurrection of Christ truly turns reality upside-down, he said. “It overturns everything. Everything changed on that third day when Jesus appeared, as living. What was dead became alive.”

Because of Christ’s resurrection, he continued, “Now what is dark can be light. What the world sees as weakness, we see as power. What the world sees as sickness, from God’s vantage point is vitality. And where you and I see poverty, through the resurrection of Christ there is abundance.”

“After the resurrection, God rules the world—and the world operates by God’s rules.”

Quoting the gospel account, Bishop Daniel noted that on the first Easter Sunday, the fact of the resurrection was initially greeted with fear—because it showed that the familiar realities of the world had been overturned. But it was also greeted with joy—because it confirmed that the new reality was one of loving benevolence from an all-powerful God.

Click the links below to listen to the Primate’s sermon in its entirety:

WATCH the sermon in English.

WATCH the sermon in Armenian.

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