A Virtual Diocesan Assembly to Meet on January 23

St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral

On Saturday, January 23, the Eastern Diocese will hold an online Diocesan Assembly, with attendees participating remotely.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the reason for proceeding with the assembly in this format. Last year, worldwide concerns over the pandemic caused the cancellation of the scheduled 118th Diocesan Assembly, which was to have taken place in May of 2020, in Dallas, TX.

An earlier online gathering of Diocesan delegates and leaders on September 12, 2020, was conducted as an “informational assembly,” with a limited scope and timeframe. In the same informational vein, throughout the fall several online “breakout sessions” were held, during which leaders of Diocesan departments and organizations reported on their activities and upcoming plans, and fielded questions from delegates.

As in the earlier online events, Diocesan Primate Bishop Daniel Findikyan will preside over the assembly gathering on January 23, and deliver welcoming remarks.

An important function of the upcoming Diocesan Assembly will involve voting for elected officers, proposals, and matters such as the approval of the Diocesan budget. In his directive announcing the assembly, Bishop Daniel wrote: “Thankfully, the Diocesan Council—along with representatives from the Board of Trustees; Nominating, Auditing and Proposals committees; and officers of the 117th Diocesan Assembly—was able to test a virtual voting platform and deemed it to be secure and user-friendly. Thus, voting for Diocesan offices along with approval of the budget and proposals will take place on January 23.”

Clergy, Diocesan delegates, and parish council chairs will be taking part in the meeting over the Zoom conference platform, beginning at 10 a.m. EST.

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