A Prayer for Armenia & Artsakh

In a time of sorrow for all Armenians, we ask God for His consolation, blessing, and guidance for the future.

* * *

Blessed are you, O Lord who dwells in the heights, and blessed is the glory of your greatness.

As we have in the past, we come to you in a supremely difficult time for our nation. With broken hearts and tears filling our eyes, we are united in grief over the loss of our ancestral holy lands of Artsakh. We are forced to leave behind our sacred temples of worship, and silence our joyful prayers within our glorious churches.

In this state of unbearable pain, we appeal to you, O Lord, to hasten to our aid in your divine mercy and love.

Dispel our deep sorrow; heal our wounded spirits; pull us back from the error of hopelessness and despair. Help us to find strength and refuge in your loving arms, and to unite our nation under the warm and caring wings of your Holy Church. Grant us the humility and wisdom to accept the things we can no longer change; and give us courage to effect needful change where we still can.

In a time of unrest and turmoil in our homeland of Armenia, give our people the peace you granted to all your followers: breathe into us, too, your life-giving Holy Spirit, so that we too may find peace from worldly commotion, worry, and fear. Help us to work together in love, directing our sincere efforts toward the recovery of our society. Guide us in rebuilding our broken homes, and heal our wounded families who lost loved ones during these bitter days of war.

Remember with love, Lord, as our Creator, the souls of our heroic soldiers and brave civilians who sacrificed their lives in your name. Remember them, bless them, and receive them into your Kingdom. Comfort their loved ones by the grace of your Holy Spirit.

Lord, today we are overwhelmed by the sense of loss and tragedy that has come upon us. But we know that you are always near to the brokenhearted, and you rescue those who are crushed in spirit [cf. Psl. 34:18 2]. We trust that all things are possible through you [cf. Philip. 4:13 3]. Help us realize that even when matters lie beyond our understanding, you still know the plans you have for us—plans to help us prosper and not come to harm; plans to give us hope for the future [cf. Jer. 29:11]. We cast our anxiety to you, lean not on our mortal understanding, and trust in you with all our heart [cf. Prov. 3:5]. For we have faith that in all things, you work for the good of all who love and honor you [cf. Rom. 8:28].

We are humble, Lord, and you are our glory; your very name is wondrous, triumphant, and holy. Surrounded by the great cloud of our newly martyred witnesses to you, we praise you along with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and always, and unto the ages and ages. Amen.

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