A Third “Day of Fasting and Prayer” on Nov. 13

Bishop Daniel has designated Friday, November 13 as a third “Day of Prayer and Fasting” for all the faithful of the Eastern Diocese. Read more here.

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In the aftermath of war, our unity as a people under the guidance of God is more critical than ever before.

Bishop Daniel has designated a third “A Day of Prayer and Fasting” in the Eastern Diocese for Friday, November 13. Once again, our faithful should fast from midnight to 6 p.m. on that day, in prayer for the well being of Artsakh and Armenia.

During that 18-hour period, participants should refrain from all food and drink, except water. Naturally, keep to the fast as best you can, considering health and personal circumstances. Those who are unable to engage in a full day fast might consider fasting for a few hours; or perhaps forgoing any activity that distracts from prayer for the duration of the fasting period. The call to fast is intended for our adult faithful; but if teens wish to join in they should do so only with the blessing of their parents.

Throughout the day, people should pray frequently—ideally every hour. Ask the Lord to grant consolation, healing, unity, and guidance to our people in Artsakh, Armenia, and the world. Resources to aid you in your efforts—including an article on the deep spiritual meaning of fasting—can be found at following link: click here.

The Day of Prayer and Fasting will conclude with vespers services in all parishes throughout the Diocese. St. Vartan Cathedral will broadcast its service on its Facebook page.

Numerous people found the previous Days of Prayer and Fasting on October 30 and November 6 to be powerful spiritual experiences—all the more so because they were done in the cause of praying for peace and justice in Artsakh and Armenia.

But the need to pray for our homeland, and for all of our people, has not ended; indeed, it has intensified. Please join together on Friday, November 13, to call as one upon our risen Lord.

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