“Healing through Liturgy” is Theme of Latest VEMKAR Live Session

VEMKAR, the Eastern Diocese’s the major new educational initiative, held another of its “LIve Session” online events on August 19, with some 70 viewers participating over the Zoom conference platform.

The featured presenter was Dr. Christopher Sheklian, director of the Diocese’s Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center, who took his theme from Vemkar’s current educational module, “Christ as Healer.” Dr. Sheklian looked at healing from a liturgical perspective, arguing that the Armenian Church’s healing services should be seen as sacraments.

“There is no rite or sacrament which is not a manifestation of God’s love—and therefore His healing power,” he explained. “It is not simply that the sacraments contain a reference to healing; they are in fact manifestations of God’s love that heals the entire world, which includes human souls and bodies. Sacraments, we might say, are fundamentally manifestations of the healing force of God’s love.” A question period followed.

A recording of the program is now available on the website; click here to watch.

On the site’s “Live Sessions” page, you can also find the full schedule of upcoming online events from VEMKAR. Click the link to learn more.

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