VEMKAR Holds Its First “Live Session” Event

VEMKAR, the Eastern Diocese’s the major new educational initiative, held its first online event on August 12: a live conversation with Bishop Daniel. More than 100 viewers participated in the 90-minute event broadcast over the Zoom conference platform, in which the Primate spoke on the topic of “Christ as Healer,” and fielded questions from online audience.

In his remarks, Bishop Daniel referred to the concept of “healing” as the Gospel in one word, and noted the healing mission the church undertakes. “The church is God’s hospital,” he said, “and we are all patients in it.” The Bishop also extolled the role each faithful Christian can play as an “agent of healing.”

The wide-ranging question submissions asked about Armenian healing traditions, the role of young people in the church’s healing work, and the feelings of disconnection people have felt during the pandemic period.

A recording of the program is now available on the website; click here to watch. On the site’s “Live Sessions” page, you can also find out about the full schedule of upcoming online events from VEMKAR.

To view screen shots of the August 12 Live Session with Bishop Daniel, click here.

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