A Prayer for Healers

For “National Doctors Day” (March 30), offer a prayer for physicians and others working on our behalf: doctors, nurses, EMTs, medical researchers, technicians, orderlies, pharmacists; health, hospital, and hospice workers of all kinds. Here’s an example:

A Prayer for Healers

“Lord Jesus, bestow your blessing on all those who tend to the sick, and who work to relieve and prevent affliction.

“Guide the skill of their hands. Kindle the tenderness and patience in their hearts. Inspire their special expertise and insight. Fortify their courage.

“Let them know how grateful we are.

“Let them find spiritual sustenance in the knowledge that they are serving the God who healed the sick, who knew suffering in life, and who came into the world to lift man’s burden.

“In this time of unknowing, let your power bring this crisis to an end, according to your will. Amen.”

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