Armenian Culture Comes Alive at the Khrimian Lyceum

Students of the Eastern Diocese’s Khrimian Lyceum entered 2020 by resuming their monthly Armenian classes at the Diocesan Center in New York. Among other activities, Lyceum students learned the scripture-readings for the Jrakaluyts service, practiced sharagans in their choral sessions, and exercised their creativity in a fusion of Armenian folksong and folk dance.

Having recently staged a drama to celebrate Hovhannes Toumanian’s 150th anniversary, the students are currently rehearsing a satiric play by Hagop Baronian. Their annual publication will include the Lyceum students’ essays, articles, translations, and artwork, featuring their interpretations of the fables of Mkhitar Gosh.

They’ve received vivid glimpses into history via the multimedia presentations of Diocesan Armenian Studies director Gilda Kupelian, who has lectured on the Holy Translators, the city of Ani, and Armenian life before the Genocide. Her colleague in the Diocese’s Christian Education department, Elise Antreassian, led the students on a guided tour of cathedral, which was followed by a field trip to New York’s Hologram Museum.

Khrimian Lyceum also invites special guests to speak on Armenian themes. The students are excited about the upcoming session on Saturday, February 8, when professional soccer star Alecko Eskandarian will talk about his own years at Armenian school, and the passion that drove him to an illustrious career in sports.

Contact Gilda Kupelian to find out more about the Eastern Diocese’s long-running Armenian cultural immersion program. And click here to view photos of recent Khrimian Lyceum activities.

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