Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary

The Armenian Church styles her Sourp Asdvadzadzin: the “Holy Mother-of-God”—an almost cosmic title which has elicited reverent love from generations of Armenian Christians, and is honored in the name of many of our churches.

In more common parlance she is St. Mary: the girl of humble piety who carried the Hope of the world within her body, and delivered Him as a baby in Bethlehem.

Monday, December 9, marks the Feast of the Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary: one of a cluster of holy days on which the Armenian Church expresses its tender devotion to the mother of Jesus Christ.

Through her life of holiness and purity, and her graceful acceptance of the role to which God called her, Mary ranks among the pre-eminent exemplars of the Christian faith, whose birth and very conception are occasions for celebration.

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