We Give Thanks to You, O Lord

To mark Thanksgiving, Diocesan Primate Bishop Daniel issued the greeting below to the faithful of the Eastern Diocese:

Please accept my blessings on this profoundly meaningful holiday, Thanksgiving. How beautiful it is that our country sets aside one day each year to express gratitude to God, for the bounties He has given us.

It is a day that unites all Americans, while touching deep chords in the heart of every Armenian. We are thankful, above all, for the great gift God bestowed on the world through His son Jesus Christ: a precious gift for whom we give thanks during every Holy Badarak.

This Thursday, as we remember the good things that fill our lives, let us offer thanks to the One who fills us with His grace. As we sing in the Badarak:

“You have filled us with goodness, Lord! Glory to you who have fed us!”

May the blessings of Thanksgiving be with you and your loved ones always.


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