Honoring the Liberation of Shushi

Liberation of Shushi

Today we join our Armenian countrymen across the world in honoring the 27th anniversary of the liberation of Shushi: a strategically critical city in Nagorno-Karabagh (Artsakh), with a long, vital history as an Armenian religious and cultural center.

When the army of Azerbaijan invaded Karabagh in 1988, Azeri armed units occupied the city of Shushi, using its strategic location to bombard nearby Armenian villages.

But on May 8, 1992, the outnumbered Armenian defense forces of Karabagh launched a counteroffensive. They seized control of the Shushi-Lachin road, expelled the Azeri military—and liberated Shushi itself on May 9.

Two weeks later, Armenian army detachments entered Lachin, breaking a three-year blockade; on May 20, hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid supplies entered Stepanakert from Armenia via the Goris-Stepanakert highway.

Armenians throughout the world expressed pride in the skill, courage, and determination of the Armenian soldiers and volunteers who overcame a vastly larger, armed enemy in defense of Armenian soil and culture. In the history of Armenian freedom movements, the heroic liberation of Shushi by the Karabagh Armenian Defense Army in May 1992 stands as one of the most glorious.

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