Sharing an Armenian Prayer Tradition

The Vicar of St. Vartan Cathedral, Fr. Mesrop Parsamyan, delivered a talk at the St. Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church in New York City, on January 26.

He addressed the church’s Lay Ministers Enrichment Team, offering insights into St. Gregory of Narek’s powerful Book of Prayers as an example of the Armenian Christian tradition of prayer. Also speaking was Eastern Orthodox clergyman Fr. Sergey Trostyanskiy, who gave remarks on Orthodox prayer practices.

“It was a pleasure to introduce the faithful at St. Ignatius to our Armenian master of prayer from a thousand years past,” said Fr. Parsamyan, “to help guide them in deepening their life of prayer today.”

After his presentation, the audience divided into groups to read and discuss St. Gregory’s “Prayer 80,” dedicated to the Holy Mother-of-God.

The retreat concluded with a prayer service, during which Fr. Parsamyan offered a gospel reflection, and Angela Grigoryan of the St. Vartan Cathedral community sang the meditative hymn, Der voghormya.

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