A Prayer for Our Armenian Countrymen

Lord, as we witness from afar the stunning developments in the Republic of Armenia, we stand in grateful awe of your majesty, and your merciful attention to the prayers of our people.

A week ago, in a time of protest and trial for our young republic, we asked you to protect Armenia and her citizens; to vindicate the years of effort and sacrifice invested in building a democratic society in our homeland; and to consecrate a freer, more just society for all Armenians.

Today, we give praise to the divine will that has brought a peaceful resolution to Armenia’s political impasse.

We honor the patient courage of her many citizens, who accepted genuine risks in order to make their voices heard.

We honor the restraint of the country’s leaders, who showed wisdom in their acquiescence to the clear popular will.

We honor, above all, the unifying spirit of responsible national aspiration, which allowed all actors to go forward without resort to violence or extreme civil discord.

We are aware, Lord, that the next steps remain uncertain: that ensuring justice, security, and dignity for all will be an ongoing concern in Armenia, as it is everywhere. Under such uncertainty, we look to you for guidance, inspiration, and sustenance. We ask that you will make your presence felt even more strongly in the days ahead. We pray that a hard-won moment of optimism will not be betrayed by selfishness, vindictiveness, or apathy.

Finally, for those of us who live in prosperous societies where we can take so much for granted, let the example of our courageous countrymen help us to appreciate the blessings in our lives—chief among them the freedoms to speak, to gather, and to worship in your Name. Amen.

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