“Armenian Studies for 800, Alex…”

Armenian School students from several Eastern Diocese parishes participated in a fun, interactive tournament of “Jeopardy” that tested their knowledge of Armenian history and culture.

The contest–played on Sunday, April 15, at St. Thomas Church in Tenafly, NJ–was created and organized by the Armenian Studies Department of the Eastern Diocese.

Three participating schools–Kirikian Armenian School of St. Thomas Church, the Shnorhali School of St. Mary Church in Washington D.C. and the Holy Trinity Church Armenian School of Cheltenham, PA–participated in the Jeopardy competition, giving answers to questions (or rather, according to the rules of the game, providing questions to answers) about ancient and contemporary Armenian history, music, art, theater, and religion, among other brain-teasing categories.

All of the teams were well-prepared and in high spirits during the game, with the Shnorhali School earning first place, Kirikian School second, and Holy Trinity School third. Gilda Buchakjian Kupelian, director of the Diocese’s Armenian Studies program, awarded each student a medal, and each team received a trophy gifts.

Ms. Kupelian thanked the schools and the students for their hard work and also the afternoon’s hosts and moderators, including Taleen Babayan, Kirikian and Khrimian Lyceum alum and Gregory Chamessian, current Khrimian Lyceum student, as well as technical assistant and judge monitor Taleen Kupelian.

Following the game, parents and students were invited for refreshments and hospitality as they socialized and made new friends in their Armenian school network.

“This event was a wonderful experience for our children,” said parent Svetlana Hovhannisyan from the Shnorhali School. “The participating children created a lifetime of memories and it was a truly uplifting experience.”

Parents were so impressed with the Jeopardy tournament that they now want to host the same event at their own parishes.

“The tournament exceeded our expectations,” said Gilda Kupelian. “Not only was Armenian Jeopardy a learning experience for the students, it was an opportunity to meet their peers in other parishes, and feel part of a larger community. Even with their competitive spirit teeming, they saw how learning about their common heritage can be unifying and fun!”

By Taleen Babayan

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