Prayers for Earthquake Victims

Earthquake in Iran-Iraq border
At this writing, information on the powerful earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border has only been reported for a few hours. Yet already the images in the news are terrible reminders of the natural disaster Armenia suffered. Indeed, today’s quake was within striking distance of our homeland.

In the 29 years since the earthquake in Armenia, the memory of our experience in 1988 has been re-awakened several times, when disasters have struck our fellow human beings in other corners of the world. A sense of solidarity in suffering has inspired our people to reach out spiritually to these fellow victims of devastation.
As the story unfolds in the coming days, please offer prayers for those who are suffering from today’s earthquake and its aftermath. To our Lord Jesus Christ we pray, Ungal, getso, yev voghormya: “Receive our prayers, save your people, and have mercy.”
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