A Prayer for the Martyrs of Sutherland Springs, Texas

the Martyrs of Sutherland Springs

Today, with hearts made heavy by the horrifying murder of twenty-six of our fellow Christians—cruelly gunned down in a sanctuary of holiness, as they worshiped the Prince of Peace—we offer this prayer for our Lord’s love and vindication, from the Armenian Church requiem service:

O Christ, Son of God, patient and understanding, as our loving creator show compassion for the souls of your servants who are now at rest, namely your martyred children of the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs. Remember them on the great day when you establish your Kingdom; make them worthy of mercy, atonement, forgiveness of sins. Glorify them—reckon them in the company of your saints. For as universal Lord and creator, you are the judge of the quick and the dead—for which we honor your glory and dominion, forever. Amen.

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