Cambridge Parish Marks 55 Years

On Sunday, October 23, Holy Trinity Church of Cambride, MA, marked the 55th anniversary of the consecration of its present-day sanctuary. Diocesan Primate Archbishop Khajag Barsamian celebrated the Divine Liturgy, with the Rev. Fr. Vasken Kouzouian, parish pastor, assisting. Local deacons and altar servers also took part in the service.

At the conclusion of church services, the third grade Sunday School students received a special children’s bible from the Primate. A celebratory banquet followed in the parish’s Charles and Nevart Talanian Cultural Hall.

Outgoing parish council members—Dr. Mark Ayanian and Gregory A. Kolligian, Jr.—and outgoing Diocesan delegates—Edmond J. Danielson, Bruce Newell and Dean Soultanian—were recognized for their years of devoted service to the Holy Trinity Church and the Eastern Diocese.

Parish council chair Dan K. Dorian, Jr., expressed his gratitude for the work of the parish council members, and noted how important it is for the ongoing life of the parish that parishioners find time to serve the church. Ronnie and Danielle Malconian, co-chairs of the 2016 ACYOA General Assembly and Sports Weekend host committee, presented the Primate and parish council each with a $10,000 gift on behalf of the local ACYOA Seniors chapter. The funds were raised from the successful Sports Weekend hosted by Holy Trinity Church last May; they will benefit the ACYOA Central Council and the local parish.

Fr. Kouzouian offered a tribute called the “Story That Is Our Parish,” warmly telling of the struggles and perseverance of the church’s founding members, and challenged today’s parishioners to carry forward the dream planted by that early generation.

Dan Dorian highlighted the efforts of Cathy Minassian, a parish council member who has served the church for 24 years and worked under nine different chairmen.

The Rev. Fr. Mampre Kouzouian, the former pastor of Holy Trinity Church, presented his tribute to “Those Who Served” by thanking the many parish council leaders, including the 12 living chairs who served Holy Trinity Church since it opened its doors in Cambridge 55 years ago.

The banquet came to a close with the words of Archbishop Barsamian, who expressed his joy in being a part of the celebration and offered his blessing upon those who call Holy Trinity Church their spiritual home.

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